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Request to Place Marketing Materials: HPL


Request to Place Marketing Materials


The Houston Public Library accepts materials that abide by our policy and on a space available basis. Please complete this form and upload either a PDF or photo of the item (all sides).


Your materials must abide by the following:
  • Promotes a free service
  • 8.5x11 flyer or smaller (not accepting 11x17 or larger posters)
  • NOT religious or politically affiliated/motivated
  • NOT hosting regular meetings (which should not occur)
  • Pre bundled material in packs of 25 (by rubber band, paper, etc)
  • A maximum of 3 approved requests will be granted per organization per month
  • Material must be delivered 1 week prior to the beginning of the approved month
  • Delivery to 500 McKinney St., 77002; with a copy of email approval and official approval form.