Disaster Preparedness Resources

Premium Resources

Disaster Recovery Reference Center

Disaster Recovery Reference Center covers periodicals focusing on business continuity and disaster recovery. Includes full text articles and is updated weekly.*

Recommended Websites

Centers for Disease Control

Information from the federal government on health and diseases.

FEMA Flood Information

Includes helpful information on flooding and multiple resources.

FEMA Informacion Sobre Inundaciones

Federal Emergency Management Agency information in Spanish about floods and flooding.

FEMA Region VI Contact Information

Contact information for the Federal Emergency Management Agency region responsible for the Houston area.

Flood Insurance Maps

Harris County Flood Control District's Model and Map Management System is an interactive tool that works with FEMA's Harris County floodplain models.

Harris County Flood Control District Contact Information

Provides helpful contact information regarding flooding in Harris County.

National Weather Service

Official weather warnings, observations and forecasts.


Disaster preparedness information from the Department of Homeland Security.

Regional Disaster Preparedness

Links to local disaster preparedness agencies.

Weather Channel

Gives graphic view of weather conditions.

Weather Underground

Current and historical weather.