Ollivander's Wand Class Registration Form

Lumos! Get ready for Harry and the Potters by making a light-up wand with this simple wiring project. We provide the materials and instruction for you to create your own wand. For ages 8 and up, adults welcome! Registration required for each attendee.  **If you are an adult registering yourself without a child, fill out the parent's information and enter N/A for the child's information.**

Children must be at least 8 years of age to attend this program.

By submitting this form I grant permission for myself or my child to be photographed/video taped/interviewed.  It is my understanding that this photograph/video tape/interview or portions of it may be used for public view.  I agree to participate or to have my child participate in this event without financial remuneration, and I understand that submitting this form releases the Houston Public Library/photographer/videographer/interviewer from any future claims, as well as from any liability arising from the use of said photograph/video tape/interview.