A Wedding to Remember



So by now either you are sick of the constant updates about Prince Harry and Meghan Markel's wedding due to take place Saturday, May 19 or you've set your alarm to watch it live, signed the memory book at the British Consulate, reposted every detail about the royal nuptials on all of your social media channels. While I love everything British, I fall somewhere in between the two schools of thought. I am mostly excited because:

  • it's Princesss Diana's son who is getting married and as a kid, I watched her wedding live on TV;
  • it's an American woman marrying a prince so there's that fairy tale aspect;
  • they've already broken away from several archaic traditions;
  • last time an American woman and a British royal dude wanted to get married, he had to abdicate. So yeah, times are definitely different now!

Celebrity weddings of this caliber usually spark a renewed interest in wedding festivities and trends. Why not let your library be your guide this season? We've got your covered, literally:

Some titles may appear in multiple lists. Library is not responsible for heartbreak, postponement or being left at the altar.

So regardless of your budget, style or theme, let us help you make your wedding a day to remember!

We are always adding new titles so check our catalog or with a librarian or get a custom list

Saima K. 
Librarian, Digital Strategies






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