Greetings from an almost empty library in Houston, Texas!

I hope you find yourself in good health and observant of silver linings in this cloudy time.

I know some of us are incredibly busy right now with our job duties, side-jobs, entertaining kiddos and all the changes thrust upon us recently.

However, on the other dry, over-washed and sanitized hand, some of us are tearing out our hair in boredom. I have seen a lot of random quarantine challenges on social media, prompting viewers to do pushups, strike a specific pose for a selfie, or act in random, questionable ways in front of the camera for sheer and indiscriminate entertainment.

Fear not! The library is here to help!

We offer hundreds of online resources and databases including read-along picture books on, language learning programs like Pronunciator, and access to genealogy research with Ancestry Library.

However, we are spot lighting! This online resource allows you to indulge your mind in perpetual opportunities for learning and all for free!

You will need your MY Link library card number and PIN (this is the minimum-four character password created at the start of your membership with us), and bada-boom, you are ready for class, just like the adorable lady in their logo!

Once you’ve logged in, you have a wide arrange of topics to explore.

  • Business
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Digital Music
  • Web development
  • Accounting
  • Advertising

These are all classes with comprehensive lesson plans, video instruction, printable handouts, and taught by masters in their field. And let me tell you something very interesting about

A subscription to its services without a library card costs $29.99/month! Love your library for giving you access to so many classes so you can expand your repertoire of knowledge and grow as a person and express yourself artistically and stay modern forever for totally free!

I am very well aware that you guys love learning and growing because you are library customers! And that is no doubt why you are here, right now, on the Houston Public Library website.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get started on a new career, hobby or expand on some interesting subject you already have your toe in.

Why are you still on this page? Is it because I haven’t dismissed you? Okay, you’re dismissed.

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