It's 2019 and I'm Going to Try to Slow Way Down


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It's 2019 y'all!  At the time of this post, we're about halfway through January and I thought I would talk a little about my game plan for this new year.  Don't worry, though.  I'm not going to use the r-word, because we're all sick of it and I'm pretty sure it is totally ineffective at this point.  Instead, I want to share my intentions and also some books that I plan to use to get me there.

This year, I want to practice mindfulness.  I know, I know.  Yet another word we are dangerously close to overusing.  However, there's something special about this one right?  For me, it's going to mean slowing down on purpose.  It's going to mean sitting in stillness and not picking up my phone.  Taking the time to actually taste my food and notice the sensations of eating. Basically, I'm fed up with how little time I spend in appreciation of being alive.

So.  I've found some books that may make this journey easier/richer and I'm going to talk to you about them, because library.

breathe mama breathe book coverBreathe Mama Breathe by Shonda Moralis

How cute is this cover?!  Being only a part-time mom to two awesome step-children, I may not get the most out of this book, but I do know lots of super busy moms who deserve some mindfulness tips.  Author Shonda Moralis (a busy mom herself) shares 65 ways you can work mindfulness practice into your existing schedule.  Imagine being able to slow down without carving out extra time that probably isn't there in the first place!  The one I'm looking forward to the most is the "three-breath hug".

  bliss more book coverBliss More by Light Watkins

I'm also loving this cover, but honestly rolled my eyes a little when I saw that the author's first name was Light.  Oh well, judgment is so 2018 anyway.  If, like me, you've ever tried to meditate and then found your brain to be way too loud then Light may be able to help us out.  He says that meditation should be E.A.S.Y. (Embrace. Accept. Surrender. Yield) and that the problem is with our approach.

attending book coverAttending: Medicine, Mindfulness and Humanity by Ronald Epstein, M.D.

Dr. Epstein tells us the story of watching a surgeon not notice that someone's kidney was dying.  Talk about a situation where slowing down and finding focus is important.  The thesis of this book is that medicine has become commercialized and doctors need to get back to quality of care.  Though I am not a doctor, I'm interested in learning about how the medical world views patients and in turn how I can take better control of my health and interactions with medical professionals.

tribe of mentors book coverTribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss

Though not completely focused on mindfulness, I am always fascinated by success advice and this book is doling out tips from over 100 influential people.  We'll learn how Dita Von Teese, Patton Oswalt, Neil Gaiman, Maria Sharapova, Yuval Noah Harari and others have found meaning through some pretty wacky life experiences.  I'm counting on at least 15 gems to carry me through year.

  hygge book coverThe Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking

And now the icing on the cake, the coziest of books on this list, from the world leaders in happiness and relaxation...let's talk about hygge (hoo-ga)!  Author Meik Wiking is the man behind the Happiness Research Institute and he gives us all tips for incorporating small joys into our daily lives.  Soft lighting, warm blankets, comfort food with loved ones and other simple pleasure are all elemental to a happy life, the Danish way.  Also cake is encouraged, so sign me up.  

Join me on this trip, won't you?

Stay mindful, Houston!

- Lauren W.

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