Crime Novels Go Outback

Australian Thrillers

We're all familiar with the Jo Nesbøs and Stieg Larssons of Scandinavian crime fame, but did you know there's a new perp on the scene?  That's right.  According to a Book Page article written by author Jane Harper, Australian thrillers should be queuing up in your TBR list.

My exposure to the Australian landscape as a setting was with Lucy Christopher's Stolen.  This beautiful and haunting novel uses the barren outback as a character in itself.  Our protagonist is abducted in an airport and taken to a remote shelter where she must face her environment (and her abductor) in order to survive.  I remember feeling like I was in the desert with the characters, and all of the beauty and terror that it held became as comforting as my favorite blanket every time I picked the book up.  Though I haven't read any of the other authors you'll find on the list below, I certainly hope they are as talented as Christopher.

This skillfull depiction of setting is just what readers can expect more of from the throng of Australian mysteries, psychological thrillers and crime novels that are now available.  Prepare to be immersed in rich description of landscapes that can range from idyllic beaches to arid deserts, each offering their own challenges and rewards for characters.   

Check out these titles if you're ready to risk a trip down under that you won't soon forget.




Lauren W.

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