Community Engagement: Getting Involved

“How much does it cost to get a library card?” is the most commonly asked question I am asked when attending events. “It’s free, and Community Engagement (CE) can come and provide classes to you and your community!,” I reply while seeing our customers smile in approval. It’s a small glimpse into how many Houstonians are unaware of the library’s services that are available at no cost to them.  Community Engagement is a department that continuously evolves in order to better serve its communities. We strive to offer excellent customer service as we deliver Houston Public Library (HPL) services each and every day.

Since its initial beginnings, CE has offered a wide array of mobile services to Houston residents, ranging from outreach and technology access to classroom instruction. Classes offered include literacy programs, computer training, STEM programs, after school programs and much more!

It’s our team’s goal to expand our services and deliver them to the doorsteps of those who need them the most, in the areas where they work, play and reside. With the increase of new events our team is always on the go. Currently we provide 25-35 classes and outreach events every week using the Mobile Express (technology lab on wheels) and two SUVs. Recently the Friends of the Houston Public Library donated two new commercial cargo vehicles, one of which includes a mini technology lab, which allows us to extend our delivery of programs and services to our customers.

Join us at upcoming events, classes and programs nearest you!!

Clementina Nuñez, Community Engagement


HPL's Community Engagement Team ROCKS!!!!!

I would like to book the mobile library for a birthday party. What is the process for doing so?

Get more information here.

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