Book Spine Poetry



HPL Book Spine Poetry

The magic of words knows no bounds!

We're going to take a look at a few examples of how book titles can be placed together and arranged to give us beautiful, silly, sad or dark poems.  I wish I could take credit for this, but #bookspinepoetry has been showing up on Instagram and Twitter for a while now.  It's just fun!

HPL Book Spine Poetry 1My world in the deep, dark deep.
Who needs love?

HPL Book Spine Poetry 2Breathe, Annie. Breathe.
Everyday magic: love and other unknown variables.
Life just got real.

HPL Book Spine Poetry 3Who's hungry?
The French Fry King,
The smallest girl in the smallest grade,
The cold water witch,
Monsters under bridges.

HPL Book Spine Poetry 5This is what I did: 
​The Crimson Crown, stolen.
Allegedly an act of love.

HPL Book Spine Poetry 6Life after the heartbreakers: swagger.
Lost girl found.

I hope you like these sweet morsels.  If you create any of your own, be sure and share with us on Twitter and Instagram!

Stay beautiful, Houston!
Lauren W.

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