Author Talks & Book Signings

Author Talk & Book Signing with Mimi Swartz
Tuesday, August 7, 2018 | 6:30 PM – 8 PM
Julia Ideson Building | Auditorium

About the Book
It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. If America could send a man to the moon, shouldn’t the best surgeons in the world be able to build an artificial heart? Texas Monthly executive editor and two time National Magazine Award winner Mimi Swartz shows just how complex and difficult it can be to replicate one of nature’s greatest creations.

Part investigative journalism, part medical mystery, Ticker is a dazzling story of modern innovation.  Recounting fifty years of false starts, abysmal failures and miraculous triumphs, this read unfolds the experiences of one of the world’s foremost heart surgeons, O.H. “Bud” Frazier.

Rich in supporting players, Swartz introduces us to Bud’s brilliant colleagues in his quixotic quest to develop an artificial heart: Billy Cohn, the heart surgeon and inventor who devotes his spare time to the pursuit of magic and music; Daniel Timms, the Brisbane biomedical engineer whose design of a lightweight, pulseless heart offers a new way forward; and, as government money dries up, Houston’s furniture king: Mattress Mack. 

About the Author
Mimi Swartz was an editor at Texas Monthly for 13 years and won a National Magazine Award in the public interest category in 1996. She has been a staff writer for The New Yorker and Talk, and has written for the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Esquire. She is the author, with Sherron Watkins, of Power Failure: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Enron. She lives in Houston with her husband and son.

Ticker: The Quest to Create an Artificial Heart is introduced to readers by author Mimi Swartz.  Joined by TMC Pulse editor Maggie Galehouse, Mimi talks about her work.  A book sale and signing follows the presentation.

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