Hip Hop for Literacy, 2018 Edition

Slick Rick

The line between hip hop and poetry has always been blurry and the Houston Public Library is here to smudge that line even more with our Hip Hop for Literacy event! Marrying hip hop with poetry and literature brings to mind the things those subjects have in common; they are composed of more than just words about social injustices, love, and life itself, but of raw and powerful emotion and truth.

In hip hop, just like in literature, you will find themes reflecting the condition of the times, artistically crafted words to express worldly perspectives, rhythm, patterns, metaphors and more. A true wordsmith crafts his or her lines with intention and that can be said about poets, writers and emcees alike. However, hip hop is scored with its signature style, unlike anything before its first emergence in the 1970s. This style took the world by storm and not only became a huge market by the 1980s, but was, and still is, a tremendous voice for historically oppressed men and women, a true art form, and arguably the best music to dance to. 

So put on your Nae Nae shoes and wobble your way downtown to the Julia Ideson Building on Saturday, July 28th. You will be able to witness the striking performance of Houston's own Poet Laureate and an established force in the world of slam poetry, Deborah "D.E.E.P." Mouton, and get to know her story. You will also get a chance to meet the world famous hip hop legend, Slick Rick! That's right, take a moment to text all your friends and family about Hip Hop for Literacy at HPL, because Slick Rick, a true pioneer rapper and officially the most sampled hip hop artist of all time, will be there!

Mic drop.

-Amy S.


What time does this even t start?

Hi Tyra! It's on Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 2 PM - 4 PM. It will be held in the Julia Ideson Building's Auditorium. The address is 550 Mckinney St., 77002 More info at... https://houstonlibrary.org/learn-explore/teens/hip-hop-literacy

I am interested in how the event went in Houston. What were your successes and what could have been done a little different to make this event even better?

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