Houston Public Library (HPL) is offering FREE tutoring from Trice Education Resources for students in grades K-5 this summer. The Get LIT Summer Literacy Program offers thirty-minute one-on-one and group workshops in both English and Spanish at library locations across Houston. The program is designed to improve literacy skills including comprehension, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, and vocabulary. Students can use their MYLink library cards to borrow fun books that support their learning needs and are encouraged to register for HPL's Summer Reading Program for chances to win prizes and attend free events.


The Get LIT Summer Literacy Program, which runs through July 26, has openings for young learners at the following library locations:


  • Carnegie Neighborhood Library & Center for Learning - 1050 Quitman St., Houston, TX 77009
  • Mancuso Neighborhood Library - 6767 Bellfort Ave., Houston, TX 77087
  • Vinson Neighborhood Library - 3810 West Fuqua St., Houston, TX 77045 (Only English-language tutoring is available at this location)
  • Young Neighborhood Library - 5107 Griggs Rd., Houston, TX 77021

This program is offered by Trice Education Resources, Inc., an educational consultant firm founded in 1998 that specializes in providing technical assistance to schools in the areas of literacy, professional development, student support, data analysis, and on-site coaching.

Parents and guardians can register their children for the Get LIT Summer Literacy Program using this online form


About Houston Public Library

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History of Trice Education Resources, Inc.


Trice Education Resources, Inc. is a consultant firm founded in1998 that specializes in providing technical assistance to schools in the areas of literacy, educational professional development, student support, data analysis, and on-site coaching to enhance staff development and student academic achievement. The primary goal of Trice Education Resources, Inc. is to assist schools and businesses with school reform and literacy growth. 


Trice Education Resources, Inc. has effectively provided services to schools and businesses in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Kansas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Wisconsin by providing schools and businesses within identified areas sustained, continuous professional staff development related to state standards, literacy in reading and mathematics, campus/business goals, professional teacher and administrative academic coaching, and as a result, the increase in teacher/student performance and test scores has been substantial. 


Teacher and administrative professional development are staff-focused but student-centered and directed towards helping administrators, teachers, and staff internalize new teaching behaviors through pedagogy, process, and content standards so that student achievement is actualized.