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Our programming is created with the singular goal of exposing our patrons to the breadth and scope of Houston’s African American history and culture.  Whether through a sneak peek performance by The Ensemble Theatre or a lecture from a prolific scholar, we do our very best to provide diverse, original programming that highlights the archival and library collections, as well as complements our special exhibits.  All are welcome to attend and as always, events here are free and open to the public!  Be sure to check out the calendar page for more info.

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The Galleries

The Restored Classroom gives visitors a glimpse as to what the Gregory School looked like at its inception in 1926.

The Freedmen's Town Gallery chronicles a crucial period in Houston African American history when this community was established following Emancipation. The exhibit incorporates a wide variety of stories, using artifacts and photographs, proving the power of a people's commitment to one another by building and sustaining family, communities of worship, and social organizations which built this thriving, self-contained neighborhood.

The African Americans in Houston Gallery honors generations of people whose cultural heritage played a significant role in what the city of Houston is today and what it will be tomorrow. Integral to the exhibit are photographs and artifacts representing the principles that are universal to the development of communities.

Special Exhibits present new and exciting exhibits featuring themes in African American history, culture or the arts.

Upcoming Events
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Current Exhibit

Trace: Site, Land & Diaspora

May 18, 2019 - October 5, 2019

The African American Library at the Gregory School
1300 Victor St., 77019 | 832-393-1440

Israel Mccloud and Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud recall local historic, Black sites that are no longer in existence or that have been forgotten in our newest exhibit, Trace. The artwork in this exhibition brings visibility to these cultural sites in an attempt to recall the vital histories, memories and impact of Black life in Houston. Trace builds on the creative practices of the Mcclouds (father and daughter): he, as a muralist, sign painter and multidisciplinary artist working in various neighborhoods; and she, as an installation artist creating site-specific land installations and maps. The exhibition will include maps of local landscapes of forgotten African-American histories; paintings centering on language as it relates to neighborhoods and poetry, among other works of art.

Please see a list of our past exhibits here.

Programming FAQ

If you are interested in speaking or holding a program at the Gregory School. What is the criteria for that?

Our community liaison maintains a calendar of events for the Gregory School. Call us at 832-393-1440 or email us at hpl.gregoryschool@houstontx.gov to discuss details about your proposed program. We have a strict set of guidelines that governs what types of events we have here.

If you are interested in having an evening event at the Gregory School. How should you coordinate that?

Information on our special events spaces may be found here.

Special events at the Gregory School are coordinated through Houston Public Library's Event Coordinator, Ms. Mignonne Anderson. To contact her, send an email with the details of your event to mignonne.anderson@houstontx.gov and CC hpl.specialevents@houstontx.gov. You may also call 832.393.1646.

Docent Internship Program

Our docent internship program is starting soon! We are currently seeking university and high school students for internship opportunities.

Contact us if you are interested.



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