Liftoff Houston 2016 Winner Bios

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Lyndsey Brantley, Owner and Founder of Camellia Alise, is a licensed Medical Aesthetics Practitioner in the state of Texas. In addition to starting her own skincare company she is a full time structural engineer at Fluor Corporation in Sugarland, Texas as well as a full time wife and mother to her soon to be 4 year old son Daniel.  Lyndsey is 30 years old and is a Galveston native. She completed her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas and has lived in Houston since 2008.

Co-founders of Awesome Bites Co. are Jennifer Thai and Rodolfo Rivera. Jennifer she spent a summer apprenticing at an artisan bakery in Houston, where she created all the trade secret recipes.  She also has 10 years of experience evaluating investment projects and commercial operations at a top 10 Global Fortune company. She holds a BA in Economics from Rice University and an MBA from Duke University. She leads the direction of the company, manages the financials and marketing, and is responsible for the production of baked goods. Rodolfo Rivera has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Puerto Rico and over 10 years of engineering experience at a top 10 Global Fortune company. Rodolfo is responsible for streamlining the manufacturing processes and the build-out of  the company's commercial facility.

Kiley Summers received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and spent 7.5 years working as a Business Unit Leader, Manufacturing Engineer, and Maintenance Engineer.  His experience covered leading people, processes, and technology to produce premium products.  In May of 2015, Kiley stepped out on faith to launch a financial technology company, SpenDebt, LLC.  SpenDebt is designed to assist people to pay off debt by leveraging micropayments through everyday purchases.  Kiley is married to Ty’Lisha and they have a daughter, Elle, all residing in Houston, TX where they call home.

Allen Thornton is from Ft. Bliss, TX and has been an entrepreneur since the age of 4. He majored in Small Business Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at San Antonio. He turned a college passion into a non-profit and currently serves as an Executive Board Member at Men of Honor Inc. He became one of the top reps at Paychex by building a network and referral channel in both San Antonio and Houston. Allen is also an active Real Estate investor with a portfolio of single family homes and an apartment complex. In 2011, he became an active member of Lifestyles Unlimited here in Houston.  Allen and his wife, Eileen, have the joy of raising their 2 year old daughter Alana.

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