Families United Now (F.U.N.)


The Houston Public Library’s (HPL) Families United Now (F.U.N.) is an innovative 21st century approach to traditional parent and child time that is designed to enable families, specifically low income families, to learn, grow and thrive together, as an intentional part of their daily lives. Using information resources and technology skills gained through participation in the Toyota Family Learning program, together, families develop their F.U.N. plan and organize their daily activities around the core themes of education and learning, health and wellness, community service and play.

The F.U.N. plan serves as a tool to encourage learning, foster family traditions, instill family values and promote altruism through activities such as reading at the library, playing video games, hiking at the park, or planting a community garden. A plan with a purpose, the F.U.N. plan, serves as a simple yet powerful instrument to transform the way families engage, connect and learn with each other and the world around them.

F.U.N. Resources

Download the latest approved version of the Family Takeaway Document