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Spilled Ink Contest
Teen Writing Contest | July 1 - September 30, 2019

HPL’s second annual Spilled Ink: Teen Writing Contest garnered participants from around Greater Houston and competition was fierce!  A huge “thank you” to you everyone who participated in or helped promote this program.  We had many great entries from which to choose.

Middle and High School students were encouraged to submit their poetry or short stories for consideration.  This contest judged submissions on three fronts: originality; use of language; and technical skill.  Entries were assigned a number according to their category before being submitted to our Writing Contest Judges.  Judges did not discover the name, age, gender or geographic location of entries until after the winning entries had been selected for all categories.

Spilled Ink 2019 winners are:

Poetry: Grades 6-8
1st Place – Laisha R. for “Fault Line
2nd Place – Collin H. for “Ode to the Ancient One, the Dragon

Short Story: Grades 6-8
1st Place – Ryan K. for “Flames Ignite
2nd Place – Ellen B. for “Found
3rd Place – Niko L. for “Nolan Nexus and the Evil of LiveCorp

Poetry: Grades 9-12
1st Place – Stephanie O. for “Together But Apart
2nd Place – Angelina C. for “I Am Not Gold
3rd Place – Samiha Z. for “My Houstonian Pegasus

Short Story: Grades 9-12
1st Place – Ella R. for “Freedom Runners
2nd Place – Penny D. for “Currying Fortune
3rd Place – Danielle Y. for “Red

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Get Graphic! Comic Book Contest - COMING SOON!

Are you an artist? Are you into creating comic style short stories?  Be on the lookout to enter this annual contest and get a chance to show-off your great talent! Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Entries will be judged on

  • Art - Creativitity & Illustration (only the first 3 pages). Two of the first three pages must have at least 2 cells.
  • Plot – Whole submission
  • Dialogue – Whole submission
  • Originality – Whole submission