Public Poetry

Public Poetry Fall Series 2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016 | 2 PM
Carnegie Neighborhood Library and Center for Learning 1050 Quitman, 77009

Brandon Lampson 

Are the gates you live within / electrified or filmed as you sit / in a booth surrounded by screens, / can you breath there, / are you locked inside / a safe room or in a warm bath / with the curtain drawn, / fully dressed, shower head blasting?


From Eco-tones

David Leftwich 

A city of semblance, just the thing for growth. It’s / horizontal, broken, lavish, provides a variety of / disturbances, destinations, tests of solitude. The library / is a series of spiral staircases and empty commuter / trains. Anthems and carrier waves are the blood

From The City

Emmy Pérez 

at its source / in my mouth / adobe mud / bricks in my mouth / the earth / holes, the sources / the snow / avalanches / granizo / Río Conchos de México / grandmothers’ / cueva de la olla / at our face / Tarahumara / Rarámuri / Tidal confluences / in our face.

From With the River on Our Face

Choonwha Moon 

If tomorrow you notice a dancing light on the water, / it is me, bathed in a well of well-being. / I will be a porous vessel afloat on this sensation / taking the breath of these voices in my sails.


From Virginia Woolf’s Last Letter to Her Sister

Saturday, November 5, 2016 | 2 PM
Carnegie Neighborhood Library and Center for Learning 1050 Quitman, 77009

Emily Bludworth de Barrios 

Having stumbled in a thicket / of shadowy desires / / One desire chooses us for a favorite // It stings our lips / / If we are lucky /one desire stings our lips / / And beckons us toward life


From It is Turbulent to be a Person

Craig Butterworth 

There is too much calm now / lingering in the air / in the corners of the room / like dust bunnies / tiny planets or galaxies of lint and dog hair / that, when the air conditioner kicks on / collect, intermingle, then / roll like tumbleweeds across the slate floor.

From On Turning 50

Laurie Clements Lambeth 

In the spine and brain’s night / stars blaze all day. Enough light to search by. / If I could unzip my skull, release stars to the sky / it wouldn’t be home in here. I get by all right.


From Upon Reading the Radiologist’s Report

Christopher Michael 

We buzzed with anticipation of judgements reached / but it was not the nectar we wanted. / Our honey is tainted, / we will swarm. / / We will not allow the bear to spill anymore of our honey.


From Swarm

Saturday, December 3, 2016 | 2 PM

Carnegie Neighborhood Library and Center for Learning 1050 Quitman, 77009

Ste[hanie Binson headshot

Lauren Berry 

Softly, I slip / / the red carnation further into my throat. / There must be hundreds / / of ways to be a girl. I’m just the kind / who has trouble parting her lips.


From The Just-Bled Girl Refuses to Speak

Jeremy Eugene headshot

Conor Bracken 

The only way to talk to the dead / is through your pillow, / ear pressed like a flower / into the novella of feathers / plucked from the promise of escape / each bird is hollowed with.


From Elegy for a Classmate

Eleanor Boudreaux headshot

Bruno Rios 

I like the way / I like / the sound of words, / the way those words make a sound / the way I like. / I also like the way I like / the sound a wave makes, / a single wave / in the middle of the sea.


From The Word Nothing

Roberto Tejada headshot

Jordan Simpson 

I am more roadmap than tradition / Geography / Has made such a melting pot of me / I am more nomad than immigrant / I’ve been clicking my heels / For as long as I can remember.


From Jamerican

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