Jazz & Poetry presented by Jazz Education

Library: Vinson Neighborhood Library

Date: 2/7/2017

Time: 10:30AM - 11:30AM

Type: African American History Month, Featured Event

Age Group: tweens ages 9-12

For more than 40 years, drummer Bubbha Thomas and the Jazz & Poetry Series; held during Black History Month, have been a big hit with over 1.5 million elementary school children across Texas. Set in story form, the presentation spans the styles of popular music from the 1930s to the millennium, with an emphasis on prominent figures in the history of Jazz music. Communicating in a warm and friendly way, the Jazz & Poetry ensemble captures the children’s imagination. Interactive techniques are coupled with audience participation to produce and inspire within each child an “I CAN” message.

This is a one of a kind performance and great American history lesson for all to enjoy.