HMRC Lecture

Library: Julia Ideson Building

Date: 4/29/2017

Room: Julia Ideson Building Auditorium

Time: 10:30AM - 11:30AM

Type: Lecture

Age Group: young adults ages 18-35 years, adults, seniors, teens ages 13-18 years

Through the Lens of History: An Exploration of Photographic Processes

Today, many of us understand photography as a digital process. When we want to capture something interesting, a moment in time we want to remember, the mechanism for doing so is conveniently sitting in our pockets or purses and the images we create are stored as 0’s and 1’s. Until very recently, creating a photograph was not so easy of a task. In celebration of Preservation Week 2017, the Special Collections Division of the Houston Public Library is hosting a lecture detailing the nuances of historic photographic processes and their identification. From Chrétien's physionotrace to cellulose acetate negative film, we will be discussing various methods of making photographs, how we can attempt to identify them, and steps we can take to best care for our photographic collections. This talk is part of a series of presentations put on by HPL Special Collections to celebrate Preservation Week 2017.