Alley Theatre Presents: "1984"

Library: Virtual

Date: 4/7/2020

Time: 12:00AM - 11:45PM

Type: History, Arts, Culture

Age Group: adults, seniors, young adults ages 18-35 years

The Alley Theatre's taped performance of "1984", adapted by Michael Gene Sullivan and directed by Rob Melrose, is now available to stream online. A limited number of tickets are available to Houston Public Library MY Link card holders.

Based on George Orwell’s futuristic novel, "1984" brings us the story of Winston Smith and a stark vision of a world in which freedom of action, word, and thought are controlled by Big Brother. How far are we from realizing Orwell’s nightmare? Are we already there? Can there be more than one truth, more than one set of facts? As the story of Winston’s fight for individual identity unfolds, the vision grows increasingly terrifying as the world it depicts grows uncomfortably familiar. A ferocious and provocative adaptation of one of the most prescient works of literature of the last century.

"1984" Ticket and Streaming Requirements:

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  • The viewing window closes on Sunday, April 12, 2020.
  • Viewing must start no later than 9:59 PM on Sunday, April 12, 2020.
  • Visit: for more information on streaming requirements.

Tickets and Viewing cannot be guaranteed.

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"1984" Video Content Notice:
Parents and teachers please be advised that the "1984" video contains adult language and situations and may not be appropriate for all viewers.