Vacations To Die For

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School's about to start and summer vacations are slowing down. If, like me, you only got to experience a vacation through the #livingmybestlife lens of Instagram, you're probably not much bothered by the fact that everyone else now has to come back to reality. If this doesn't sound like you, don't stop reading. Maybe you're a horror fan. Maybe you're in the mood for some suspense. In any case, this blog post is for you!

bookcoverThe Cabin at the End of the World
Paul Tremblay

Quiet cabin, no nearby neighbors. Strangers announcing the apocalypse.

When Wen and her dads take a New England vacation they aren't expecting to be harassed by folks, but that is exactly what happens. In fact, these folks are really trying to convince Wen that they need her help to save the world and that she should tell her parents to let them and their end-of-days gang inside. What could go wrong?  

bookcoverSomething in the Water
Catherine Steadman

Postcard beach vacation. 3 released convicts. THUNK THUNK.

In love and ready for a relaxing break from reality, Erin and Mark find themselves soaking up the sun in Bora Bora. Everything is fine until they have to find a new scuba site and discover something...dangerous? disgusting? awesome? We shall see.

bookcoverHotel Ruby
Suzanne Young

Luxurious hotel is too good to be true.  

Audrey is on the road with her dad and brother after the sudden loss of her mother. En route to grandmother's house the family stops at the Hotel Ruby for a night, but then end up staying longer and getting a lot more than chocolates on their pillow from hotel staff.  

bookcoverThe French Girl
Lexie Elliott

French farmhouse. Summer getaway. Disappearing neighbor.

Six friends say au revoir to college life by renting a house in the French countryside. By the end of their stay, the gorgeous neighbor goes missing. 10 years later, she goes dead.  Now, the group reunites to point fingers and give each other the side-eye while they try and figure out what happened.

bookcoverYou Should Have Left
Daniel Kehlmann

Translated from German. Guaranteed to be creepy.

A screenwriter takes his family to a secluded house in the woods to get some writing done. As they always are, the house is kind of weird.  Best read "on a cold, cloudless night," this short and sparsely written novella will keep you up for a few.

bookcoverEarthly Remains
Donna Leon

26th novel in the series. Exhausted, our hero takes a much needed respite that turns out not to be relaxing.

Apparently if you're just now interested in this book you've got a lot of catching up to do. Commissario Brunetti's been at it for a while, and the latest trip for R&R does as much good as sweeping dust under the rug when his friend winds up dead.

Stay alive, Houston!

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