Social Justice through Art!

We are spotlighting local organizations, galleries, and artists who are advocating for social justice through art!

The Gite Gallery is a gallery that features contemporary and traditional African art. Lloyd Gite is the owner of the gallery. When decorating his gallery, he took great pride in it and wanted it to be different than your ordinary white wall gallery. Artifacts, Tribal Masks, Ceremonial Hats, African Textiles, and much more can be found at The Gite Gallery.

The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston is a non-profit organization that was created in 1965 with a mission to showcase and preserve Hispanic Culture in Houston. Their site has a lot of great information on Hispanic culture and resources from scholarship programs to exhibits on Hispanic culture.

A Houston native, Clarence T. Lee attended The Art Institute of Houston, where he earned his degree in Fashion Design. He has partnered with Magpies and Peacocks, the non-profit design house here in Houston, to bring awareness of not only sustainability but inclusivity.

With Magpies, he was able to showcase a sustainable collection during London Fashion in 2019.  Clarence mentioned, "...with this collection, diversity was key! The industry is long overdue on diversity and representation. Through this collection, I chose models of different ethnicities and backgrounds, while also showing that sustainability can be high end and not homemade.  All the clothes were made form upholstery fabrics that were donated had they not been thrown into landfills."

Outside of working with the non-profit, Clarence is the designer for Inclán Studio, a Houston based women's ready-to-wear brand.  You can find more about Clarence through his Instagram account, Couture Junky.

Alexa Dibiasio is a local fashion designer with over ten years experience in the industry. She has shown at New York Fashion Week and also had the chance to sew next to Project Runway Winner, Chloe Dao. She has now taken another twist with her art and started making custom digital prints.

Her company is called  Alexa said, "One of the main offerings my company will provide is an idea of Inclusive Prints. Any Art Print you find on the website will be offered in various skin tones. Can't find a shade that reflects your beauty? No problem, send me an email, and I will add it to the library. I want to give everyone the opportunity to see themselves in WORLDROW's illustrations." You can buy her digital prints through her Etsy account here.

Brionya James, owner of Brionya James Creations, is an upcoming artist that tells a story through her art and poetry. When talking about her art and business, she describes it as "a conceptual gallery of paintings that have derived from my spirit. I consider myself a God taught artist because, as I create, I know that it's not just me orchestrating the hues, the elements, and overall vision that touches other people's hearts."

"The majority of my work reflects black divinity, love, reality, and appreciation.  My inspiration is derived from the experiences of life, conversations, revelations, and many forms of creative expressions that ignite a vision into a visual storytelling. I tend to correlate my poems with many of my pieces so the viewer can reflect and perceive their own notion to connect to it." You may purchase her art through her website, Brionya James Creations.

Local galleries and artists spotlight!

  • Spring Street Studios every second Saturday of each month hosts an art gallery featuring their artist from The Silos, Silver Street, Winter Street, Sabine Street, and Summer Street Studios to the public from 12 PM – 5 PM.
  • Asian Society of Texas' mission is to promote Asian culture through art, education, and community outreach.
  • Koelsch Gallery is an art and fashion gallery that frequently host artist gallery shows and events.
  • Community Artists' Collective has a core value of making art education more accessible to children and adults.
  • Bisong Art Gallery provides everything you need from art exhibits, workshops, and painting classes.
  • Radical Dreams is a brand that was founded by Shannon P. in 2015. The brand has a passion for social justice and serving the community. From pin sets to key chains, Radical Dreams has all the accessories you need.
  • SugarLump Creations has everything from handcrafted facemask and t-shirts to tote bags and coffee mugs. The inspiration for these handcrafted designs comes from the owner, Robin, who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s. Robin had this to say about her inspiration and designs, “the symbol I connected with during that time was the fist! I have incorporated it in to many of my designs. Also, through my design, I promote self-love and empowerment for women of color.”

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