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HPL Telephone Room!

We sat down once again with artist and HPL staffer Norola Morgan to find out about her latest creation for The Telephone Room.  If you missed our last post in this series, get acquainted with this whimsical space here!


Q. Why Dr. Seuss? I mean, of course, Dr. Seuss, but I’d love to hear your reasons.
A. Well, for a couple of reasons. First of all, patrons were asked via survey which books/authors they would most like to see brought to life as part of the Telephone Room Project. The overwhelming choice was Dr. Seuss.  His work is so wonderfully off beat, colorful and whimsical, how could I not be inspired? Also, I was reminded by my supervisor that March 2 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and that cinched the deal.  On March 2, Central library participated in “Read Across America”, which celebrates Dr. Seuss, by staging a Dr. Seuss Open Mike facilitated by Carrie Saxby Toombs and supported by Central Kid’s staff. 

Q. Was it hard finding ideas to bring to life?
A. Finding ideas was the easy part! The hardest part was deciding on which ideas to use. I gathered Dr. Seuss books from the well-stocked shelves in the Central Kid’s Room and flipped through the books until images jumped out for me. I was drawn to images that were bold, colorful, and would look good in 3D. 

HPL Telephone Room! Dr SeussHPL Telephone Room!

Q. How is this month’s installation different from the last one?
A. This one is more expansive! Instead of just being enclosed in the Telephone Room, it spills out into the hallway and utilizes the ceiling. It’s fun to push the limits.

Q. Which books did you draw images from?
A. Ah! That I cannot reveal! Part of the fun will be to have patrons guess which books the images came from.  Patrons that can name three Dr. Seuss books based on the art will get a small prize.  :)

HPL Telephone Room!

Q. What’s next?
A. The next big event for children at HPL will be the Children’s Book Celebration, also known as Books Alive! This year’s author is Grace Linn. Kites feature prominently in her work and in Chinese culture, so kites will be a major component of the May’s Telephone Room installation. Stay tuned for an interview with Tara Hornbeak, the current visionary in charge of creating the vibrant, large scale decorations that will bring Grace Linn’s books to life.  As an added bonus, I am transforming the hallway that runs in front of Program Place into a celebration of Spring by hand applying dozens of colorful origami butterflies to the walls. Take a moment to check it out, it just might be the pause that refreshes and lifts your spirits. 

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