To E-Read or Not: An Introduction



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I am a reader. It is a rare thing that I am caught without a book because I never know when the chance to read will occur. I have been known to travel with three to five books for fear of finishing one and not having another waiting in the wings. This can make for a very heavy bag to carry.


I frequently turn to e-books to make my physical burden lighter. Thanks to certain apps, I can read on my phone if I find myself unexpectedly waiting. I can travel with my Kindle knowing that I have a library from which to choose in my much-lighter suitcase. I can easily switch my reading material to fit my mood -- novels, memoirs, knitting patterns, even comic books.


On the other hand, others will often tell me they love the physical sensation of a traditionally-bound book -- the smell, the weight in their hands. I feel those things too, which is why I still have overflowing bookshelves at home. There are times a physical book feels right.


As far as I’m concerned, there really is no e-book versus physical book conflict. With rare occasions, the author’s intent will remain intact whether I’m reading typeface on a page or on a screen. What I like is the ability to bend my reading addiction to my context, whether I’m in my cozy chair or waiting in line at the grocery store.


This month, we will be featuring a series on e-books and how to effectively use them. If you are already an e-reader, we hope you will learn a few tips and tricks. If you are reluctant to try the format, we hope we will tickle your curiosity and challenge you to at least dip your toe in a new way to approach your reading.


No matter how you turn the page, we wish you happy reading!

--Darcy Casavant, Librarian at HPL

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How do I sign up for the ebooks with just the plain kindle, not the fire

Hi Sandra, you can find instructions on how to borrow books for the regular Kindle devices here:

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