HPL Brand

What is BRAND?

Branding simply is the sum of all the characteristics, tangible and intangible, that makes the service and products of an organization or business unique. These characteristics include message, goals, objectives, services and visual image (print, online and in our locations).


TO INCREASE AWARENESS: Awareness means that our customers know who we are, what we have to offer and how they can benefit from it. One of the biggest truths about the library is that it has great services that sometimes go unknown. True awareness can come from great branding. It is achieved by visual consistency as well as consistency in how and when we send our message to customers. 

TO INCREASE OUR CUSTOMER BASE: The visual portion of branding is important because customers and future customers develop perceptions and make choices about us from what we present. Media that is visually appealing, innovative, easily understood and consistent say a lot about an organization. It increases curiosity and brings customers to our doors. The other parts of branding; goals and objectives, great customer experience,  buildings; are what keep customers coming back. Growing our customer base and servicing our loyal customers is a great reason to brand. 

TO INCREASE SUPPORT AND FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: The competition for financial support has drastically increased over the years. There are many non-profits, like us, going after the same resources and sponsorships. Branding, which helps desired supporters see and understand our objectives clearly, is a tool that can get us corporate sponsorships, partnerships, as well as the community support (financially or through volunteer hours) we need. Without a clear picture of who we are, going after financial support becomes a game of hit or miss. 

TO CREATE CONSISTENCY: Consistency sends a message to customers that an organization or business is unified with unified goals and a solid foundation.  This is visually done through color, fonts, design, words, layouts and through the use of logo. Branding will help us obtain consistency.

TO INCREASE ORGANIZATION UNIFICATION: Unification is an outcome of consistency. When all HPL environments have the same materials displayed in the same way, have the same vision, and creates the same customer experience, unification happens.  A unified organization builds a strong staff.  A strong staff has better ability to create an excellent customer experience. 

Branding is the creative structure that identifies an organization. It can clarify who we are and what we want to be.  The hard work and changes that come with true branding can be an emotional roller coaster, but if done correctly, creates outstanding results for customer and organization alike.