Above is our current HPL logo that has been in use since April of 2008. It is symbolic of the transition and the innovation that occurs in our organization. We provide stability to our community. We are bold, vibrant, creative and innovative. Our logo says this and more. Taking the acronym, HPL, and molding it to our organization's personality will have the affect of making the letters H-P-L mean nothing else to the Houston community than "World Class Library." 


The block format of the logo is the preferred and most impactful use of our logo. The horizontal format is used when there are constraints on clearing space and size. 

The grayscale or black logo is used on graysclae and black and white documents as well as with some of our Special Collection collateral. 


When using the HPL logo, please do not distort, blur, rotate, elogate, crop or revise the color of the logo in any way.