Hurricane Preparedness

City of Houston Storm Recovery initiative

City of Houston Hurricane Season 2016 Preparedness Tips

Recommended Supplies
One way to be prepared for a hurricane is to have a complete stock of supplies. Here is "The Ultimate Hurricane Checklist" published by the Houston Chronicle:

Nonperishable food Water (1 gallon/day for each family member Paper utensils Manual can opener
Aluminum foil Coolers Battery-operated radio Batteries
Toiletries Prescription medication First-aid kit Frozen gel packs
Toilet paper Disinfectant Duct tape plastic bucket/lid
Plastic garbage bags Plastic storage containers Trash bags Kids' games/activities
Map of Texas Flashlight Whistle Work gloves
Generator & its supplies Gas cans Matches Chain saw (for tree debris)
Fire extinguisher Fix-a-flat Pliers Utility knife
Rain gear Rubber boots Sandbags Tarps/plastic sheeting

Source: Snyder, Mike. "HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS: Lessons for the Next Big One; Gulf Coast Still Recovering from Last Year as the New Storm Season Begins" 31 May 2009. Houston Chronicle. Accessed 13 May 2015.

Online Hurricane Resources

Local Preparedness Resources

General Preparedness Resources

Information from the federal government on health and diseases.

Includes helpful information on flooding and multiple resources.

Información en español sobre inundaciónes.

Contact information for the Federal Emergency Management Agency region responsible for the Houston area.

         Find the right flood insurance policy for you

Provides helpful information regarding flooding in Harris County.

         Find up-to-date information on storms forming in the Atlantic and Gulf

Official weather warnings, observations and forecasts.

Disaster preparedness information from the Department of Homeland Security.

An integrated system utilizing radar, rain gage information, bayou stage data, and hydrologic modeling for the purpose of issuing flood warnings and forecasts for the Rice University/TMC Complex.

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