HPL Reads (online!) Book Club

Houston Public Library is pleased to announce the launch of our first ever online book club!  We are inviting everyone in the Houston area and the entire Goodreads community to join us in some literary adventures.  HPL Reads Book Club will be discovering a new title every other month and a lively and fun discussion will ensue!  You, our community members, will be able to vote for each new title, and to get started you just need to create a free Goodreads account.  You'll need to find us in the Groups section, so search for HPL Reads.  







Once you've joined the group, you'll see that our first round of voting has already opened and will close out on Thursday, August 11th so don't waste another minute!

So go create a free Goodreads account, vote, and join the fun!



I love to read, but it's a expensive hobbie. Thanks for give this facilities.

Guadalupe, we are excited in using Goodreads as a way to share our love for books with the greater community. We hope you will join us. --Dan, Virtual Library Services

We have picked our first book: The After Party by Anton DiSclafani. Pick up a copy and join us . We'd love to hear what you think.

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